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2011 Sept VHF Personnel Availability

Below is a table showing who has promised to be at the site and when. An empty box means there is no information yet available for that person at that time. A box with "maybe" means the person may or may not show up at that time.

Please review this table and send an e-mail to w3stu@arrl.net either confirming your times or provide corrections to the table. If you are not on the list, please also e-mail w3stu@arrl.net stating your availability for each day Thursday through Monday.

Your call will be marked * when your times are confirmed.
CallThurs., Sept. 8
1000 - 1900 EDT
for Setup
Fri., Sept. 9
1000 - 1900 EDT
for Setup
Sat., Sept. 10
Setup at 0800 EDT
Operate at 1400 EDT
Sun., Sept. 11
Contest ends at 2300 EDT
Mon., Sept. 12
Teardown 0800 EDT
K3MQP*Will deliver towers between 1100-1200 and leave immediately after.Arrive between 1100-1200YesYesYes
N3JDR*Yes, will babysit site Thursday nightYesYesYesYes
Steve Allen*NoNoNoNoNo

2011 Sept VHF Equipment List

Please review this list for any items that are assigned to you. If the item is not yet marked confirmed (*), please e-mail w3stu@arrl.net and advise whether or not you will be providing the items.
50 MHz (A)144 MHz (B)222 MHz (C)432 MHz (D)SPARE
TransceiverFT-736R*STUFT-736R*RATTS-820 w/DEMI transverter*RATFT-736RJDRFT-846 AB_D
FT-736R ABCD (repair?)
Alinco DX-70 A_ _ _
-built-in keyer?No---Yes---No---No---(see above)
(X=broken, _=absent)
ABCD---_BXDF---_ _ C _---_BCDF---
Breakout Cable for FT-736 (amp key)(yes)RAT(yes)RAT(yes)JDR(yes)JDR
Power AmplifierTE Sys. 350W*RATTEMPO (75/1500)STUAM6155*RATTE Sys. 180WRAT
Mirage IPA (100W)*STU120W Solid State-spare*JDRAM6155JDR
Mirage IPA (30/160)-spareRAT
Attenuator----------3-4 dB, UHF/UHFSTU--------------------
Power Cable (240V) ----------100 ft. (for ampl.)*STU ---------- ----------
Power Supply (for PA)*RAT(for IPA and accesories)STU----------50A (For PA & Exciter)JDR
VSWR/WattmeterDiawa (UHF)*RATDiawa (UHF)*RATDiawa (UHF)*RATDiawa (UHF)*RAT
Antenna Switch----------2-position w/N Conns.RAT------------------4-position w/UHF conns*STU
Power Cable (120V)100 ft. AWG 12*RAT100 ft. AWG 12*STU100 ft. AWG 12*RAT100 ft. AWG 12*RAT
Receive Preamp ----------AR2STUAR2JDRAR2JDR
Janel (backup)JDR
Receive Filter ----------Cavity (6" Sinclair)*STUDCIRAT DCIJDR
T/R Sequencer ----------DEMI*STU ---------- ----------
Feedline½" Heliax, 100 ft.JDR1/2" Heliax, 67 ft.*RAT7/8" Heliax, 60 ft.JDR 7/8" Heliax, 50 ft.JDR93' 7/8" Heliax
94' 7/8" Al hardline
9913 (for BW)?STU
Antenna7 element*JDR2M12*JDR222-5WL*STU 432-9WL (1)JDR
2M12*STU 432-9WL (2)RAT
Big Wheel*STU
Flex Coax JumperN-M to UHF-MRATLMR-400STUN-M to N-MJDRLMR-400STU
25 ft. RG-214Phasing HarnessSTU15 ft. RG-213 Phasing HarnessSTU
TowerTower (Rohn 25)
20 ft., sleeve top section
JDRPortable (gray)
No lights
Old tires
No license
*RAT Tower (Rohn 25)
20 ft., sleeve top section
Tower (Rohn 25)
20 ft., sleeve top section
Mobile 60 ft crankup from Hampshire Co.
Still no word on availability
Anchors3 x 36"?*CMK ----- -----3 x 36"?*CMK3 x 36"?*CMK
Guys120 ft x 1/8" (320 lb.)*CMK ----- -----120 ft x 1/8" (320 lb.)*CMK120 ft x 1/8" (320 lb.)*CMK
Mast 1½" Pipe, 5 ft.RAT10 ft x 1.6" OD Al Conduit*RAT10 ft x 1.6" OD Al Conduit*RAT10 ft x 1.6" OD Al Conduit*RAT
Tower Rotor PlateYesJDR  ----------(yes)On-site(yes)On-site
Rotor, control box, and cable
(set stops at South)
Ham IV
(rotor plate mount)
w/mast adapter
w/mast adapter
w/mast adapter
Microphone and cablesDeskRAT Heil HeadsetSTUHeil HeadsetRATHeadsetJDR
PTT Switch  ----------FootswitchSTU---RAT
Headphones(yes)RAT(p/o headset)STU(p/o headset)RAT(p/o headset)JDR
KeyerAccu-keyer*STU(FT-736R)*RATLogikey memory keyer *WK8G
Hand Key(yes)*STU(yes)*MQP(yes)*CMK(yes)*RAT
ComputerLaptop (XP-Pro) w/wireless net cardJDRLaptop (XP) w/wireless net cardRATLaptop (XP-Pro) w/wireless net cardSTULaptop (XP) w/ wireless net cardRATLaptop & Desktop (XP) w/wireless net cardUUE
Voice Keyer I/FRigblaster Pro & cablesJDRRigblaster Pro & cables*RATRigblaster M8 & cablesUUERigblaster M8 & cablesUUERigblaster Pro & cablesUUE
Table6 ft Folding*STU*6 ft FoldingSTU6 ft Folding*STU5 ft Folding*RAT
Table Lamp(yes)MQP(yes)RAT(yes)STU(yes)MQP
Outlet Strip(yes)JDR(yes)JDR(yes)RAT(yes)RAT
FM TransceiverAlinco*RATTM-742*RATTM-742*RATTM-742*RATTM-742UUE
FM Antenna & Feedline(vehicle)*RATDiamond 3-band lashed to JDR Van*RATDiamond 3-band lashed to JDR Van*RATDiamond 3-band lashed to JDR Van*RAT
WSJT S/W(yes)*STU(yes)*STU----------------
GeneratorTroy-Bilt 5500W (#1)*RATTroy-Bilt 5500W (#2)*STUTroy-Bilt 5500W (#1)*RATTroy-Bilt 5500W (#2)*STUTroy-Bilt 5500W (#3)*STU
RAT to pickup

2011 Sept VHF Other Contest Support Items

Please review this list for any items that are assigned to you. If the item is not yet marked confirmed (*), please e-mail w3stu@arrl.net and advise whether or not you will be providing the items.
UPS for wireless router
RAT/GUNPortable shower
Security hardware
Everyonebring your own chairs
*UUEWireless router
*STUSpectrum Analyzer
*STUPower cable, 12AWG for mess
*STUPower cable, 16AWG for mess
*STUWWV clock
*STUGas Cans (4 x 5 gal.)
*STULarge fan (*RAT to transport)
*STUFire Extinguisher
*STUGFCI adapter for mess
*RATGFCI adapter for mess
*RATGas Cans (2 x 5 gal.)
*RATMess table (2)
*RATWireless router (spare)
*RATJohnny Blue
*RATMess canopy (popup)
*RAT2 runs of aluminum hardline
*RATMicrowave oven
*RATSpare pop-up canopy, buying one
*RATLarge white tent
*RATSecurity Software (Semi-aggressive canine)
*RATFans for tent cooling
*MQPCoffee pot, coffee, and supplies

2011 Sept VHF Food

We need to stay focused on the contest so food will be kept as simple as possible
Please e-mail w3stu@arrl.net to volunteer to provide items not already assigned to someone.
BYO=Bring Your Own
All Drinks for the duration of the contest weekend.BYOBYOBYOBYOBYO
BreakfastMain BYOBYO
LunchMainBYOBYOChili *RAT
Plates/UtensilsBYOBYO(yes) *RAT
DinnerMainBYOBYOBBQ Chicken *RAT(none)
Plates/UtensilsBYOBYO(yes) *RAT(none)
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