EPARC Master List for Field Day 2010

List Updated: June 25, 2010

* = confirmed

20M 40M GOTA

(and alt. power Station)

Description Resp. Description Resp. Description Resp. Description Resp.
Transceiver TS-820 *STU TS-820 *RAT FT-980 *MQP FT-857 *UUE
Bandpass Filter (yes, & adapters) *STU (yes, & adapters) *STU (80M & 15M with adapters)

Consider a switch arrangement

*STU —– —–
Antenna Tuner —– —– —– —– MFJ *JDR —– —–
Dummy Load 200W *STU 200W *RAT
Power Supply —– —– —– —– —– —– 35A or 50A supply *UUE
VSWR/Wattmeter Autek WM-1 *STU Autek WM-1 *RAT Part of tuner *JDR Diawa *RAT
Antenna Switch 2 or more pos. w/UHF Conns. *STU 2 or more pos. w/UHF Conns. *RAT 2 or more pos. w/UHF conn. *UUE —– —–
Power Cable (120V) 100 ft. AWG 12 *STU 100 ft. AWG 12 *RAT 100 ft. AWG 12 *RAT 100 ft. AWG 12 *RAT
GFI Yes *STU Yes *RAT Yes *RAT Yes *RAT
Feedline Coax (part of dipoles) —– Coax (part of dipoles) —– Balanced Line

(part of dipole)

—– RG-8 (60 ft) *STU
Antenna Coaxial Dipole *RAT Coaxial Dipole *RAT Multi-band Dipole *RAT 7-ele Yagi *CMK
Antenna (backup) Coaxial dipole *RAT Coaxial dipole *RAT —– —– —– —–
Coax Jumpers Xcvr-to-filter (adapt.)







Xcvr-to-filter (adapt.)







Xcvr-to-filter (adapt.)










Xcvr-to-meter *RAT
Tower —– —– —– —– —– —– Portable (gray) Repair at site
Mast (above rotor) —– —– —– —– —– —– 1½” Pipe, 10 ft. *CMK
Mast (below rotor) —– —– —– —– —– —– ???? *CMK
Rotor, control box, and cable —– —– —– —– —– —– Yes, model?

mast adapter is needed

Microphone and cables Heil Headset
Heil Headset

Desk Mic



Desk Mic

Hand Mic





MD100 Desk mic

Heil Headset?



PTT Switch Footswitch *STU Handheld *RAT ? ? Yes *UUE
Headphones (p/o headset) *STU (p/o headset) *RAT ? ? Yes *UUE
Keyer Accukeyer *STU ? ??? p/o FT-980 *MQP —– —–
Paddles MFJ *STU ? ??? —– —– —– —–
Hand Key (yes) *STU (yes) *MQP (yes) *CMK (yes) *CMK
Computer Laptop


*STU Laptop


*RAT Laptop


*JDR Laptop

(Win 98)

UPS —– —– —– —– —– —– (yes) *RAT
Wireless Net Card PCMCIA *STU PCMCIA *RAT PCMCIA *JDR Wireless+wired hub *JDR
Mouse (external) (yes) *STU (yes) (yes) (yes)
Keyboard (external) (no) (no) (no) (no)
Table 6’ Folding *STU 6’ Folding *RAT 6’ Folding *STU 6’ Folding *STU
Table Lamp (yes) *STU (yes) *RAT (yes) *MQP (yes) *MQP
Outlet Strip (yes) *STU (yes) *RAT (yes) *STU (yes) *RAT
Shelter Long White Canopy *RAT Pop-up Canopy *RAT OES Large Blue Pop-up *Allen OES Large Blue Pop-up *Allen
Fan Small Fan *STU (yes) *RAT (yes) *RAT Large Fan *STU
Solar Panel —– —– —– —– (yes) *RAT —– —–
Battery —– —– —– —– (yes) *RAT —– —–

General Notes

Site: Poor House Farm Park (cannot use the football field, not owned by the park)

Class: 2A (low power, two transmitter)

Primary station call: K8EP

GOTA station call: N3JDR

40M station will use one dipole this year due to available space and height

20M station will use one dipole this year due to available space and height

GOTA station to use multi-band dipole

We will use one shelter (OES blow-up) to house all stations.

We will use a separate shelter for a mess area.

No ATV station because we longer get bonus points for non-traditional modes.

Satellite Station (set up at end of tent so radio op. has access to antenna)

*UUE: Pass Plan

*UUE: IC-910 transceiver and accessories

*UUE: Arrow Antenna

*UUE: Tripod for antenna

*UUE: coax for antenna (antenna has BNC female connectors)

—: will use DC supply used for 6M station

Other Contest Support Materials

Everyone: bring your own chairs

*RAT: E-Z Hang

*STU: new rope for antennas

*SVT: Generator, Fred will arrive with generator around 1630 on Friday.

($100 fuel expense, donations are being accepted)

*UUE $20, *STU $20

*STU: Operator Aids

*STU: Visitor log

*RAT, *JDR, *STU: Load N3FJP Network Software version 2.5, user w3stu, password 41340

*RAT, *JDR, *STU: Load N3FJP Stand-alone Software version 2.8, user w3stu, password 39390

*MQP: Pat to transport all of Mark’s (CMK) items from/to his house since Mark will be out of town during FD.

Backup Hardware

*MQP: bug

*UUE: wireless network hub with at least one wired port

*RAT: 20M coaxial dipole for backup

*RAT: 40M coaxial dipole for backup

*RAT: tarps

*UUE: One or more antenna switches (SO-239)

Mess Tent (separate from blow-up shelter)

*RAT: Refrigerator

*RAT: Table, 6’ folding

*MQP: Coffee pot, coffee, and associated supplies

*TFV: 10’ x 10’ canopy

*RAT: 50 ft. AWG 12 (qty. 2)

Setup Crew (for Friday)





*KB8UUE (will also babysit site 1900 Friday until 1000 Saturday)



*Steve Allen



Everyone: BYOB


Friday Lunch

Everyone: Bring your own

Saturday Lunch

??? Order out – Pizza (bring on way to site?)

Saturday Dinner


*AEC Corn

*AEC Green Bean Casserole

Sunday Breakfast

??? Order out – (bring on way to site?)

Sunday Lunch

??? – hot dogs and buns

??? – chips

??? – condiments

Bonus Points




Description How Calculated Maximum



Planned? Approach Resp
7.3.1 100% Emergency Power 100 per transmitter 2000 yes SVT’S Generator *SVT
7.3.2 Media Publicity Yes/no 100 yes WHAG-TV visit *CMK
7.3.3 Public Location Yes/no 100 yes Poor House Farm Park *CMK
7.3.4 Public Information Table Yes/no 100 yes Table at a common TBD location *STU
7.3.5 Message Origination to Section Manager Yes/no 100 Might try Winlink/packet message *UUE
7.3.6 Message Handling 10 per message 100 unlikely
7.3.7 Satellite QSO Yes/no 100 yes *UUE
7.3.8 Alternate power Yes if >=5 QSO’s 100 yes Solar *RAT
7.3.9 W1AW Bulletin Yes/no 100 yes Saturday CW *MQP
7.3.10 Educational Activity Yes/no 100 unlikely Cadweld and grounding methods *STU
7.3.11 Site Visitation –

elected government official

Yes/no 100 Yes It’s election year. Someone will be available. *CMK
7.3.12 Site Visitation –

rep. of served agency

Yes/no 100 Yes Steve Allen BCOES *CMK
7.3.13 GOTA Bonus 20Q/increments 1000 some Scare up old folks & look for young. *UUE
7.3.13.? GOTO Coach Yes Double some As arranged *JDR
7.3.14 Web Submission Yes/no 50 yes Normal submission *STU
7.3.15 Youth Participation 20 per youth <19 y.o. that completes 1 QSO 100 some How about trolling the park? *UUE
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