In a February 2006 letter from Jim (KW8I) to Stu (W3STU), Jim stated the following about the genesis of EPARC: “In July of 1990, Dave (KF8FL) Hartman approached me about forming a new radio club. I thought it was a good idea, as long as it would be less formal than other clubs, we would get involved in field day, and VEC activities. We each began to check with the other hams, and found that there was a lot of interest. A few of us met informally and planned the first meeting in August of 1990. Our first field day was in June of 1991.”

Trivia Tidbit: The call sign originally issued to EPARC was KB3KEU. It was a 3rd district call because the club mailing address was that of the club secretary W3STU in Boonsboro, MD. After receiving that call, we applied immediately for and received the call K8EP. KB3KEU was never used on the air.

If you have any historical data about EPARC such as newsletters, photographs, newspaper articles, artifacts, or even stories about club events, members, or former members, please e-mail them to the address above (or “snail mail” them to the K8EP club address on QRZ.COM) and they will be incorporated into this page.


EPARC Key 1990-August, Volume 1, Number 1
EPARC Key 1990-October, Volume 1, Number 2
EPARC Key 1990-November, Volume 1, Number 3
EPARC Key 1991-January, Volume 2, Number 1
EPARC Key 1991-February, Volume 2, Number 2

Thanks to the following current and former club members for providing information for this page:

  • Jim Hoffman (KW8I)
  • Stu Benner (W3STU)